3 class series designed to thoroughly prepare you and your partner for health during your pregnancy, comfort measures during your labor, and practical newborn workflow and postpartum self care.

Comprehensive birth, breastfeeding, postpartum class

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    1. Setting yourself up for a healthy and low risk pregnancy and birth
      • What a balanced diet can look like based on your unique eating habits
      • Gentle exercises that will help prepare your body for giving birth
      • Relaxation and breathing technique practice for labor
      • Labor and birth process overview
      • How do you know you are really in labor? When do I call my doula and care providers?
      • Physical and emotional indicators for prodomal and labor
      • Natural comfort measures and the importance of the support person or partner's role.
    2. Trusting the Normal Birth Process, Knowing Your Birth Options, Planning for Your Birth
      • Physical and emotional signs of pushing, birth and placenta
      • Understanding your options and becoming an informed self advocate
      • The risks and benefits of common interventions, pain relief management, and when a cesarean is needed
      • Tips for preparing your own birth plan
      • Preparing comfort measures and birth bag for the hospital/birth center
      • Benefits of a birth doula providing continous physical, emotional, and informational support
    3. Breastfeeding, Basic Newborn Care and Postpartum Self-Care
      • Breastmilk and formula nutrition for your baby
      • Getting off to a good start and getting the baby latched on correctly
      • How to overcome common problems with breastfeeding
      • How to bottle feed your baby
      • Characteristics of a newborn
      • Developmental milestones
      • Diapering (including cloth diapering), bathing and comforting a newborn 
      • Common postpartum adjustments for mom and dad
  • I will do my best to work with your schedule so that class times are convenient for you and your partner. Please give me at least 24 hours notice of class rescheduling needs.

    Refunds are not offered on this class series.