Meet Alexandra Gonsor

About Me

Birth work has always called to me. I knew that I wanted to experience birth to the fullest in whatever method and modality felt comfortable to me without negative influence from my family, friends, or medical providers. I was often overwhelmed by my changing body and fluctuating hormones. My rotating care providers gave different advice at every visit for what would be best for my family and I and I wasn’t sure what decisions I should make and how I could communicate those decisions to people who were in positions of power about my care. So, I hired a doula for my pregnancies so that I would have an advocate and a person who was knowledgeable about birth at my side to support and educate me about my choices. My doulas were so valuable to my experiences and I knew that I wanted to provide a similar type of support to other families who might feel overwhelmed during their pregnancy like I did.


I find birth work to be a calling, not a career or a job. I truly believe that I can make a difference in the maternal experience of the families I serve. I will be by your side being your cheerleader, trusting you to make the best decisions for your family, and advocating for you in support of those decisions.


My community work includes volunteering and fundraising for Postpartum Support International - South Carolina (PSI-SC). I provide partial or full birth doula scholarships for low-income families and families of color and LGBTQ+ families. I work with a local maternal mental health therapy practice to support maternal and perinatal mental health. I also facilitate and run several free or low-cost support groups for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder and Postpartum Depression.

-Alexandra Gonsor



My Experience and Training


AHA CPR certified for adults and infant/children

Labor doula through Birth Arts International

Holistic remedies and therapeutic provider (herbs, essential oils, basic homeopathic remedies)

*Does not replace medical providers. Check with your medical provider before starting/stopping any holistic or homeopathic modalities*



Military Birth Resource Network

Postpartum Support International

Birth assistant for 5 local home birth midwives - references available upon request


In person service areas:

All cities, towns, and counties from Charleston to Statesboro.


Nationwide virtual support available.